Тест местоимения в английском языке

Вставьте some, any или по. English text­books on the desks? English books at home? Вставьте something, anything, nothing или everything. I didn't take any money with me so I couldn't buy. My new eyeglasses are very good, I can see. Вставьте something, anything, nothing или everything. Tell me … about it. Thank you for your explanation. Where is the book? Тест местоимения в английском языке somebody, anybody, nobody или everybody. The question was so difficult that. I am afraid I shan't be able to find. I don't know him. Please tell us the sto­ry. It is very easy. Переведите на английский язык сле­дующие пары слов. Много тетрадей, много молока, много воды, много дней, много газет, много мела, много сне­га, много лет, много картин, много музыки, много мальчиков, много девочек, много чая, много ли­монов, много мяса, много комнат, много учите­лей, много работы, много воздуха, много птиц, много тест местоимения в английском языке. Вставьте much или many. Why did you eat so. Thanks awfully for the books you sent me yesterday. Вставьте little тест местоимения в английском языке few. Have you got any ink? Tom Canty was the son of poor parents and had very. Give me some more, please. The children returned from the wood very sad because they had found very.

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